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AI for Newbies: how to use Artificial Intelligence for the Average Human

Step into the future effortlessly with “The Ultimate ChatGPT Book Bundle: Learn How to Master This Powerful AI Language Model” This book is your friendly guide to understanding and embracing the wonders of AI, crafted especially for those who are new to the world of artificial intelligence.

Forget about the daunting jargon and complex theories; we’re here to show you how AI can simplify your life, boost your creativity, and open up new avenues for personal growth, all explained in a way that feels like chatting with an old friend.

AI for Newbies is of a much higher quality than the vast majority of artificial intelligence books aimed at novices. Authors Brady Lewis and Zach Crain put their tremendous knowledge into every page of AI for Newbies, making it a must-have guide for anyone wanting to learn AI in an easy, casual, fun manner.


Straightforward and Jargon-Free: We keep it simple, breaking down AI concepts into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces.

Step-By-Step Instructions: We know trying AI for the first time can be intimidating, so we wrote out simple, easy-to-follow instructions for using chatbots, image generators, and other AI tools.

How to Write Great AI Prompts: Learn how to prompt AI tools to get the best results, including what makes up a great prompt and several ready-made prompt examples for you to use immediately.

AI in Daily Life: Discover the many ways AI can help you tackle everyday tasks with ease.

Creativity Unleashed: Learn about the incredible AI tools at your fingertips that can help you paint, write, and create like never before.

Education with Ease: Improve your overall knowledge of artificial intelligence with a glossary of AI terms and overviews of the more technical aspects of AI.

Ethics and Safety: Navigate the world of AI with confidence, understanding how to use AI responsibly and protect your privacy.

Peek into the Future: Get excited about the possibilities as we explore what the future holds for AI and how it will continue to transform our world.

Demystify AI: We’ll walk you through what AI is, how it works, and why it’s becoming an essential part of our lives

Inspire Creativity: Find out how AI can become your partner in creativity, helping you bring your wildest ideas to life.

Simplify Your Life: AI can take care of the little things, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters to you. Keep You Informed: Make informed choices about the AI tools you use every day with our practical advice.

Don’t put off learning how to use AI for one more day! Dive in now and start your adventure with “The Ultimate ChatGPT Book Bundle: Learn How to Master This Powerful AI Language Model.” Welcome to the future, where AI is for everyone – including you. Grab your copy today and join us on a journey to making AI work for you in the most delightful ways.

write your dream books in seconds
write your dream books in seconds

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