Tykr stock screener

Beating inflation is much easier than you think

Tykr is an all-in-one stock assessment and education platform that helps you make better investment decisions and beat inflation.

Reduce risk, save money, and invest with confidence with TYKR.

Do you think investing in stocks is too confusing, too slow, or too risky?

TYKR gives you the power to manage your own investments, reduce risk, and beat the market on the go. All you need is 15 minutes a week – TYKR does all the hard work for you.

Access the platform with a single payment and an 87% discount for YFind users. Click here to find out more.

If you’ve ever considered investing on your own but don’t know where to start, TYKR is your solution. TYKR safely guides you through your investment journey by finding hot stocks and showing you why those stocks are hot, giving you confidence that you’re making a smart investment.

Tykr Screener
Tykr Screener

As you continue to use TYKR, your investing skills and confidence will grow, and you’ll save money while doing it on your own.

TYKR teaches you when to buy and sell stocks, taking the emotion and guesswork out of investing. TYKR gives you a reason WHY a stock is a good or bad investment – in seconds, you can see the truth. TYKR finds big investments before they become mainstream hot stocks

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