Get Evaluated and Manage up to 2 Million in the Markets

We are looking for talented traders!

Complete the Trading Challenge and manage accounts up to 2M – Receive 80% to 90% of profits – No Scaling plan required!

How does it work?

  • Our business is to find, train and evaluate Forex, CFDs and various types of traders to trade proprietary trading company capital.
  • Fidelcrest trading challenge, established in 2018, is an evaluation course for traders who can make sustainable long term profits.
  • Upon successful completion of the Trading Challenge and Verification, you will be recommended to a 3rd party propietary firm, to manage their trader account with a balance up to 2 million USD and receive up to 90% profit split.
fidelcrest 2 million challenge
fidelcrest 2 million challenge

Trading Program Features

  • The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is open to traders Worldwide, excluding the United States and Canada.
  • One of the biggest obstacles most traders face is not having enough Trading Capital.
  • We solve that! Take the Challenge. Pass. Get Funded!

Trading platform

  • Raw spreads starting from 0 pips and very low commission of 3$ per lot.
  • Fidelcrest trading terminal has been designed to offer a technical platform for Fidelcrest traders only.


  • Fidelcrest traders trade +175 products with spreads and commissions designed for propietary trading.
  • Trade Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks and more!

Leverage rates

  • Fidelcrest trading challenge accounts have a leverage rate up to 1:100.
  • This applies for all traders.

Account Analytics and Automated Monitoring

  • Our propietary software helps to track trading progress and objectives.
  • Important account metrics are available on the trader area and all accounts are monitored 24/7.

One time fee only. Fair profit split

  • No recurrent charges, no memberships or other hidden fees.
  • Fair prodit split model for aggressive strategy traders up to 90% and for normal strategy traders 80%.

Why Fidelcrest?

  • The fastest evaluation program to start managing prop trading firm capital up to 2 million USD.
  • Super simple rules and minimum amount of objectives.
  • News event trading allowed.
  • No limits on instruments or volume traded.
  • The biggest account sizes up to 1 million, without scaling plan.
  • One time fee only, no recurring charges or other fees.

Take the Challenge Today!

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